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Ultra Trail Côte d'Or

85.5 km

2225 m 2225 m

Route map

Trail de Côte d'Or

66 km

1750 m 1750 m

Route map

Trail des Hautes-Côtes

43.5 km

1110 m 1110 m

Route map

Trail des Vignes

31 km

750 m 750 m

Route map

Trail de Marsannay

16 km

450 m 450 m

Route map

Trail au féminin

11.5 km

260 m 260 m

Route map
Saturday, May 26th, 2018
(France, Côte d'Or)

1500 runners are expected for the 8th edition of the Ultra Trail Côte d'Or. As in 2017 the city of Marsannay- the - coast will be completely dedicated to the cause of the trail, with a partner town in the heart of this wine Burgundy village and many activities throughout the day.